To close the uPVC lift and slide door, slide it back along the track until it reaches the fully closed position. Ensure that the door is properly aligned with the frame for a secure fit. Once the door is fully closed, rotate the handle to the locked position and turn the key in the cylinder to a closed position. This engages the locking mechanism, ensuring that the door is securely fastened. The lift and slide mechanism allows for a secure and tight seal when the door is closed, minimizing air leakage and enhancing energy efficiency.

1Lift and Slide


uPVC lift and slide door is a type of sliding door that is designed to provide a wide opening and easy access to outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, or gardens Unlocking: Start by ensuring that the door is unlocked by turning the key in the cylinder to open position. Rotate the handle to the unlocked position. Lifting: To open the door, place your hand on the handle and turn it downward. The lift and slide mechanism is designed to raise the door panel slightly off the track, allowing it to move more smoothly.

Sliding: Once the door is lifted, you can slide it horizontally along the track. The door should move easily with minimal effort. 

Lift Slide Door


Unlocking the second door allows you to have the full effect of a French Door. Both doors can be opened 180 degrees allowing for fresh air to rush in to your home. Restrictors are available for both doors, allowing you to restict the opening to whatever angle you choose.

Lift and Slide