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Eurotech is proud to be recognised as an accredited supplier

AGWA Accredited Company 2023-2024

Explore the outstanding benefits offered by uPVC windows and doors.


uPVC framing is 100% recyclable and has a life span of 40 – 80 years and can be recycled into commercial floor tiles, pipes and fittings, plumbing pipes, roadside guideposts, and other applications. All of these benefits of uPVC make it a highly eco-friendly material that can surely add a lot to green building fenestration.


Benefits EuroTech Windows

The use of double glazing (or IGUs) is a far more effective way of insulating your home against heat, cold and noise.


Our windows have a glazing capacity of up to 28mm in thickness. This means that an almost infinite choice of glazing configurations is available. You can choose which window or door needs protection from noise and/or UV glare.

The use of tinted, toned, obscure or high performance laminated glass is also possible within the IGU.



EuroTech Windows system easily achieves the Nathers/Wers standards for 7 STAR efficiency.

In its’ standard form the system achieves a
7 STAR rating for heating and 5 STAR for cooling, at least twice the performance of an industry standard aluminium window.

Click here to view our Energy Rating Table for 2023.
Our windows are cost efficient, saving you money on energy and gas, and increasing the resale value of your home.


Sign Board

Significant noise reduction can be tailored to suit almost any requirements.

Reduction of up to 44 db can be achieved, which is well within aircraft noise scheme parameters.

The corners of all frames and sashes are mirror fusion welded to attain maximum strength and weather sealing. The welds, as well as adding strength, trap air inside the frame/sash, creating a buffer zone against heat/cold and noise transfer through the system.

Click here to view our Energy Rating Table for 2023.
Our windows are cost efficient, saving you money on energy and gas, and increasing the resale value of your home.



uPVC material used in our products is classified as a high-impact resistant material.

It is notably difficult to ignite and will self-extinguish when the source of heat is removed.

Our materials can withstand a BAL 40 without the need for fire-proof shutters.



The EuroTech Windows products do not require any maintenance apart from cleaning.

The Tilt & Turn windows can be opened fully to clean the outside from the inside, no ladders needed. The Casement windows have hinges that allow you to move the sash to clean the outside from the inside.

The profile will never need to be painted, saving you time and money.


non corrosive

All materials and hardware have been rigorously tested both overseas and in Australia to ensure they are up to the task.

The link gear, locks and handles have been salt water sprayed and immersion tested to guarantee their durability, and operation cycle tested to 20,000 cycles to check for wear. The u- PVC profiles have been tested against degradation from contact with everything from milk to molasses, acids and alkaline. Under the AAMA Profile Certification Program the profile is regularly inspected by an independent agency, who outdoor weather samples in Arizona, Ohio and Florida for 2 years. Galvanized steel is used inside the u-PVC frames and sashes for reinforcement.



All operable glazing on EuroTech Windows systems has multi-point locking.

This is achieved through a link gear running around the window sash, which operates eccentric cams which in turn locate into keepers located around the perimeter of the sash opening. Depending on the size of sash used, there can be up to twelve locking points on any one sash. In doors a six-point lock is used. This comprises of four compression roller cams, one latch and one dead bolt. All the locks on any one sash are operated by one lever and secured by one key, invaluable if an emergency occurs. The other obvious advantage to multi point locking is enhanced security.



EuroTech Windows use twin EPDM weather seals on all operable windows (except sliders) to attain maximum weather seal. 

The seals compress where the locks are engaged, giving an almost airtight seal, adding to the insulating properties of the window. Our windows are leak resistant as a result of the use of compression seal and drain slots.


design Options

At EuroTech Windows we specialize in making windows and doors tailored to your needs.


Any size and design is possible. Our profile is strong and versatile enough to create arches or circular windows. We can insert colonial bars and create irregular triangles.

We have an extensive range of windows and doors to choose from, including Tilt & Turn, Casement, Awning, Sliding, Bi-Fold, Tilt & Slide, and more.

Visit our Products page to learn more.